He is presently working as DevOps Specialist at HPE and is responsible for driving multiple cloud automation initiatives within the organization. Prior to this, he worked as a Senior Consultant at Cisco Systems and played a pivotal role in conducting periodic business reviews with customers by defining and tracking the outcome-oriented KPIs and in the planning of the contract renewals and business up-sells.

He defines his life motive as, “Karmev Jayate”, which translates into the colloquial version as, ‘Work will always be Victorious’. Utkarsh’s corpus of work extends from the incorporation of Machine learning capabilities in different sectors to Blockchain Evangelism. He also works as a mentor for different developers as well as business communities, and along with all of this, he makes it a point to not miss his social contributions through various outreach initiatives.

He also runs a Podcast show themed on "Inspirational Leadership". What really interests Utkarsh, is the chance to interact with passionate minds from all walks of life, and the opportunity to influence them. As a result, he has delivered multiple keynote sessions on BigData, ML/AI and Blockchain across various global platforms. He has a vision to develop an intelligence, which will change the way we look at the world or in short to make 'Person Of Interest'.


Utkarsh’s analytical bent of mind and curiosity led him to play with data and discover the roots which govern the business industry today. He has been actively involved with multiple study groups on Data Analytics initiatives. His knowledge and experience on the subject have paved various opportunities in the form of technical talks and as subject matter of his publications.


Utkarsh has ardently followed Data Analytics which he believes is transforming the world of digital finance, healthcare and operational management. He has vehemently spoken about it at many of his keynote speeches. His passion for innovation and vision for efficient data management led him to be a prolific data & analytics evangelist.


Utkarsh has been a mentor to several developers across the globe. Be it Product Design or Technology, his experiences, and understanding of the new opportunities propelled him to support creative initiatives. Owing to his own supported initiatives, he has himself assessed and validated various business models off the ground and has been involved in its nurturing.

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